How to make an ACTION PLAN!

We all have heard of the saying “DREAMS DON’T WORK UNLESS YOU DO” so the question arises what do we have to do to make our dreams work??
We need to make a plan! And how to make a plan?? By making a strict timetable that we will follow for a day or so and forget about it the third-day coz it was too hard to follow. No, we ain’t that foolish anymore we need to be smart to make things work. So, for making day productive you need to make an ACTION PLAN.

Now the question arises that what is an action plan? How to develop a good action plan that will work? And lastly the most important question I follow it??

Answering all the above question.
ACTION PLAN is a productive and smart act to turn your dreams into reality. It will help you to focus on your goals prioritize and then work accordingly.

The best part about action plan is that it can be a day/week/month according to your convince.

To develop a good action plan you must keep the following things in mind or just write down on a piece of paper

1) write down all the things on a piece of paper that you wish to do in a particular day/week/month
2) prioritize your work –  Once you know what you have to do in a day now you can number it or just write the important task at the top with some bright/different color the less important tasks with another color this way whenever see your task list you will be reminded ever time the task you need to complete
3) Avoid procrastination – after planning I would really recommend starting your work according to your plan as sometimes spending too much time on planning can lead you to procrastinate.
4) Break down things into small steps.

As shown in the picture



Enter a caption

This is my action plan I usually it for a month and then break down out to weeks (not to days as most of the time is spend on college and I am not able to study much during writing days)
I then count the chapter that I have planned for that week and then the number of pages for that chapter and divide it by 7 this way I have to read just a few pages each day rather than reading the whole chapter in a day. This also helps me to revise thing a learned the previous day as I dedicate the first 5-10 mins of my study hour for revising (only the highlighted part). These Small things do not put pressure on you on your holiday.


5) Use app that helps you in concentration such as


study aide –


any other app that help you with your studies

6) you can also use printables available online.



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