REVISION RULE- 1-7-15-30!


We study day and night all day long but is it worth it?? do you see the results as good as you practised for it? If not this post is for you!! On learning a subject or even a paragraph we tend to forget it as the days’ passes and as we learn new things and so it is important to revise them regularly on a daily basis
But can you revise everything we learned over the past week all of it all over and over again every week? Of course not that’s not even possible
That’s when revision rule come into play. It makes use of the time effectively as well as increase the productivity of the work.
So in this post, I will tell you how can you improve your learning ability, you memorising power as well as retaining the learned for a longer time.

Starting with a question that will be in everyone’s mind that what is revision rule and why do we need it?
To understand it better we need to know about the forgetting curve that tells in how much time how much materials is retained by our brain if we didn’t revise it on time.



Image result for forgetting curve app

 Here you can see that how the material retained by our brain decreases with time. And in about 31 days only 20 is retained by our brain. The curve is exponential – meaning that you will lose the information rapidly in the first days after memorization, and the memory loss will become much slower as time goes.



Revision Rule

what does 1 mean? –    revise it immediately and also the very next day

what does 7 mean? –  revise it by the end of the week (w.r.t the day you learnt)

what does 15 mean? – revise it in every 15 days (have a glance)

what does 30 mean? – revise it after every 30 days

This cycle will help you retain the things for a much longer time than normal.

How to revise??


So, now you know when to revise to retain more. But now the question is how to revise as you definitely cannot revise everything every day and at the end of the month revising all the topics you covered in the month is not possible.
So to revise you don’t need to take all the notes but just dwell on your brain and think about the topics and what were the important points. You just need have all the important words/points in your mind that’s what is much important. If what you learned was very long you could just write the topic on a piece of paper and very briefly write all the points or just one word related to the topic that will help you remember the whole of it. This way you can test yourself that how much is retained and what are the topics that need to revise again.

I have inserted a link to a revision table printable that will help you to remember what you learnt and when you have to revise it.

download it from here:



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