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REVISION RULE- 1-7-15-30!

  We study day and night all day long but is it worth it?? do you see the results as good as you practised for it? If not this post is for you!! On learning a subject or even a paragraph we tend to forget it as the days' passes and as we learn new … Continue reading REVISION RULE- 1-7-15-30!

C-3 Pathway / Calvin Cycle / CBB / Dark Reaction

C-3 pathway / Calvin cycle/  reductive pentose phosphate cycle / C-3 cycle / carbon assimilation cycle / dark reaction / Calvin–Benson–Bassham (CBB) cycle Calvin cycle is a series of biochemical redox reaction.It though it is called dark reaction occurs during the day time and is strictly light dependent mechanism.It was Melvin Calvin and Andy Benson who first … Continue reading C-3 Pathway / Calvin Cycle / CBB / Dark Reaction